Freeway Birding, San Francisco to Seattle
Reviews and Testimonials

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Traveling I-5 will never be the same. This is a great book--even if you aren't a birder! The maps and information are consistent, clear and easy to use. Who could imagine so many great places to bird, hike and relax near interstate 5? If you are a birder, the places you usuallly whizz past on the interstate might just turn into your destinations. The birding information is specific and very helpful, including additional references. We have already checked out a number of the places described in the book and look forward to visiting more of them. With the simple maps and descriptions, the featured "stops" are easy to find. We took our book to some friends' house to show them. They greeted us with the copy they had, "Have you seen this great book we got?" We recommend that you get your copy too.
Celise & Dennis (posted on Amazon 3/12/2013)

A new 'must have'! Good for seeing more than birds! My wife and I travel the I-5 between San Francisco and Seattle about twice a year, so we thought we'd give this book a try. It's wonderful! Now, the trip isn't just a drive - it's an exploration! We found the maps to be accurate and the dialog easy to read. We've been birders for decades, but still enjoyed the 'juicy' tidbits about different bird species and families. The book is concise and clearly written and has a very good index.

One of the mapped stops we tried was the Collier's Rest Stop north of Yreka, CA. And we easily found the Lewis's Woodpeckers mentioned. In fact, we note that almost all the birding areas mentioned have water, and although our trip was in the middle of winter, we think this guide will be very useful for butterfly, dragonfly and wildflower viewing too during appropriate weather.

We plan to keep this book packed in the suitcase when at home, so when we're ready to travel again, it will be sure to go with us.
D. Biggs (posted on Amazon 3/6/2013)

I am very pleased with the book. For example, in "Ashland Pond" you have make clear “What you'll find”, i.e. “EBird list over 145 species”, “the Zonotrichia flock [in winter]”, “the pond rarely freezes solid”, etc.  You give specific directions, e.g., “Exit 1, I-5” and [you] name plant species and their associations with bird species. The essays are a very nice feature, the Spotted Owl essay was very helpful.  In it you say a lot in a crisp, lucid manner. I am making good use of the specialty species appendix, and the index appears to be very good.  

Your writing seems to parallel how I think, for me the text flows. I don't have to go back to reread a passage to be clear on the information. And, the answers to my questions are there.  

You said early on, "you need my book," you were indeed spot on. 
  Byron Butler, retired ornithologist