Freeway Birding, San Francisco to Seattle

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1, San Francisco

Chapter 2, North Bay Area

   Essay: Wrentit

Chapter 3, East Bay Area

   Essay: Yellow-billed Magpie

Chapter 4, Bay to Valley Connector

   Essay: Calliope Hummingbird

Chapter 5, Lower Sacramento Valley Wedge

   Essay: Volcanos

Chapter 6, The Sacramento Valley

   Essay: Woodpeckers

Chapter 7, Far Northern California

   Essay: Great Gray Owl Chapter 8, Southern Oregon

Chapter 9, Central Oregon

   Essay: Spotted Owl

Chapter 10, Northern Oregon

    Essay: Lewis & Clark

Chapter 11, WA South of Puget Sound

   Essay: Puget Sound

Chapter 12, Puget Sound Area, Tacoma & Seattle

   Essay: Range Change

Chapter 13, Specialty Species

Bird Festivals and Walks